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What we are and our history

Yoskarn Clinic is an one stop Plastic Surgery Clinic in Thailand that offers cosmetic, dermatologic, anti-aging and holistic services. Located right the heart of our buzzing capital, our center is one of the most sought after Plastic Surgery Center in our country.Founded by Professor Somyos Kunachak more than 30 years ago, Yoskarn Clinic originally aims to cater to the increasing demand of the local and international population for high quality Plastic Surgery abroad, more specifically, in Thailand. As the global demand for Plastic Surgery increased, our center keeps our competitive edge by having not just Internationally trained surgeons, but also highly professional and caring nurses to bring to every patient the kind of hospitality that only Thailand can give. .

Vision & Mission

Our goal and thoughts

As years pass, our center has expanded from offering plastic and cosmetic surgery and laser treatments, anti-aging therapy, holistic and regeneraytive medicine, hormonal therapy, hair transplant and alternative medicine such as acupuncture. Our array of skin care products that are dermatologist-formulated and FDA approved in Thailand are also now being exported to our patients world-wide.As the demand for plastic surgery and cosmetics continuously grow exponentially, our clinic takes on the challenge by keeping our doctors, surgeons, nurses well trained with the latest, most advanced technology that modern medicine can offer. We also take away most of our patient’s anxiety by providing a whole package of transportation and hotel accommodation during their recovery in Bangkok. Soon, we will be extendng our reach to Phuket as we open another Plastic Surgery Center in the lovely south!

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